Essay on The Philosophy Of The Christian God

Essay on The Philosophy Of The Christian God

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When growing up in a predominantly Catholic background it is frowned upon to question the basis of human existence and the correct way to live your life. Catholics always assume the basis is God and to follow Jesus’s teachings. This essay will show how my life has slightly altered from a Christian background to a way of critical thinking through the writings of the Ancient Philosophers like the Stoics and Skeptics. First, I will show how the definition of God has altered in my mind because of Xenophanes definition of one unmoving unknowable effortless God. Then I will explain how I have less anxiety because of the Stoics way of living. Lastly, I will explain how none of my new and old thoughts are completely truthful because there will always be doubt and nothing is certain because of the Skeptics. What or who is God?
The Christian God is anthropomorphic. Anthropomorphic is giving God human like characteristics. For example, they give him a human form, a body. Christians also explain God as being conceivable, so God is benevolent, omniscient, and omnipotent but also knowable. After reading fragments of Xenophanes writing I started to critically think of what God could really be. Is God a who or a what? Xenophanes explains in his writing that all people and maybe even animals can imagine God as looking like themselves, but God cannot look like everyone. Xenophanes explains God as, “There is one god, among gods and men the greatest, not at all like mortals in body or mind…” Xenophanes believes God is not Anthropomorphic and cannot look like humans or think like one. Someone cannot explain God if they have never seen him.
Christians explain God and preach his teachings in the Holy Bible. I grew up reading the holy bible twice...

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...e. I should be more pragmatic like the Stoics and actually think before I act and/or speak.
Altogether this semester I questioned my complete belief in the Christian God. I am able to be a little less anxious about things that are not in my control. The things I need to focus on need to be the things that are in my control; especially what I divert my attention to and what I spend my time on in my everyday life. I need to make sure I think of consequences before I take action. Lastly, I need to understand that not everything is definite and to suspend my judgment, because nothing is a for sure. Xenophanes, Epictetus, and the skeptics helped improve my train of thought this semester. The one lesson that was the most important to me is the lesson of Epictetus and that is to not worry about the things that I cannot change, but worry about the things I can.

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