Philosophy of Music Education

Philosophy of Music Education

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One thing that defines us as human beings is our ability to pass knowledge from generation to generation. My role as educator is to encourage this passing of knowledge while equipping students with the desire to continue this tradition. This process encourages students to better themselves through learning, so in turn they may better their families, communities and the world. Education empowers individuals to positively impact their own future by constantly progressing forward. This characteristic of education ensures that it is never stagnant and never regressing. Learners deserve an educator that is focused on progressive education that revolves around their needs and learning styles.

Each student has varying learning styles and abilities that should not be ignored in the educational process. As an educator I must be able to meet individual needs while remaining focused on the needs of the class. Therefore in order to remain effective I must be a leader driven by the desire to meet students needs. I recognize that students need structure in order that there may not be chaos; a challenge, so that they may grow; encouragement to guide them through the process and positive reinforcement to keep joy in the learning process.

The learning process is fostered in an environment governed by my principals as an educator. My philosophy within the classroom entails five guidelines to produce an effective environment: planning, prevention, persistence, patience and praise. Planning creates an environment of structure that leads to success for the students as well as myself. Prevention is the key to behavior management in the classroom; it is easier to stop a problem before it starts. Persistence gains the respect of students while encouraging similar behavior. Patience is choosing which battles to fight. Praise is how learning is inspired and passion is instilled. These guidelines promote a healthy classroom environment where students will have the desire to learn.

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All teachers should have a philosophy of education to guide them and remind them why they have made the commitment to become educators. A philosophy of education must always be on the forefront of the mind demanding constant recognition and review. My philosophy is my contribution to the passing of generational knowledge that is bound to instill passion, foster ideas and inspire learning. I dare not stray, for the future of the world is in my hands!
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