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Philosophy of Managment Essay

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Management plays an important role in almost every aspect of a person’s life. Many people do their best to manage their personal time, money, goals, and decisions. People also tend to have some form of management in their social and family lifestyles. Management is important to understand and consider for a variety of situations. My focus in this paper will be to relate my management philosophies to defined management styles. I will also to describe my personal and social management philosophies and how they compare and contrast to one another.
My personal management philosophy does not have a set definition or guideline that it follows. My personal management style is dependent upon a given situation that I am going through or am involved in. For example, my personal time is managed according to completing priorities that are of most importance during a certain time period. If a person were to call me and ask if I wanted to participate in a certain activity while I was in the middle of completing a group project for a college class, I would turn down the offer to participate in the activity. Many of my decisions are based on if something has already been completed or not. It is tough for me to focus on some other activity or task if the activity or task I was previously working on is not completed. The feeling of completion makes me feel somewhat powerful and accomplished internally. However, the feeling of non-completion makes me feel like a failure depending on what the task or activity is.
My decisions are also based on feelings of security. I do not prefer to take risky decisions at all. Risk involves the possibility of failure which is something my personality has a difficult time adapting to. My approach in decision maki...

... middle of paper ...

...manage a system that has defined outcome. However, I would be willing to learn how to perform efficiently when conditions are not as concise.

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