The Philosophy Of Jesus ' Ministry Essay

The Philosophy Of Jesus ' Ministry Essay

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In Jesus’ ministry, there are three main emphases, teaching, preaching, and healing. “The lesson was clear. God is breaking through to the physical world (into the affairs of man) to heal.” (p. 143) Jim Lynn states that out of 3,779 verses in the four Gospels, 727 relate to healing the physical and mental diseases and raising the dead (p. 144). God through Jesus demonstrates His love for us by providing healing for our spirit, soul, and body. In the School of Christ, there is a model for healing today.
Yesterday’s Wisdom, Today’s Destiny
Jim Lynn goes back in history to show that before the AMA and modern medicine there are substances that the early people found valuable. So valuable, in fact, that complete trade routes and commerce sprung up around them. He gives some background about these substances so the reader can understand their importance during Jesus’ ministry. The list includes the balm of Gilead and the oil of myrrh. Leaders of ancient empires would trade these oils with each other using gold, slaves, and other goods (p. 150). “He [God] placed medicine and food that man would need into the plant kingdom so each generation could have access to the healing and nutrition found there.” (p. 151)
The Power of Truth is the Power of Heal
Plants have all the life-giving nutrients a human body needs. All the micronutrients that keep a plant alive are the same nutrients we need. By eating the plants, we consume those nutrients into our body to be absorbed for our health. We can use the natural oils that maintain plants for health and healing. We call these healing oils essential oils. Jim Lynn is a believer in using these essential oils in healing therapy. He gives a brief explanation of their history, properties, and uses (p. ...

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...ves of the garbage that stinks us up. “Unclean, destructive beliefs that control our actions and cause illness must cease.” (p. 185) Jim Lynn asks the question, what happens when you get sick? Do you ignore it and hope it goes away? Do you run to the doctor for relief? Do you turn to God as your healer? God generally is the last resort after medical science has offered no help. “This is not trust but panic.” (p. 186) Many Christians are ignorant one of the main of the sources of illnesses as having spiritual roots. Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy with illness and disease. Many Christians “do not know that Jesus, the son of man and the Son of God, has vanquished (defeated) Satan’s power over their bodies, spirits, and souls. This is the reason why secular, modern medicine is so heinous, so destructive.” (p. 187) Jesus came to set us free from the lie of Satan.

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