The Philosophy of Existentialism Essay

The Philosophy of Existentialism Essay

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‘The most dangerous follower is he whose defection would destroy the whole party: that is to say, the best follower.’ – Friedrich Nietzsche
Being recognizable and distinctive nowadays is something most individuals seek after. To become important or standing out in any community is not something today’s individuals have created or whatsoever! Ever since the twentieth century and even before, that belief and eagerness to prove your existence has been noticeably present. Not only between common people has this been there, also philosophers had sincerely thought about that humanly keenness to prove that one is different and essential, and tried to philosophically explain it.

The term used for that theory is existentialism; as explained by the significant philosophers at that time it’s referred to as “the explicit conceptual manifestation of an existential attitude". Which is basically people trying to prove their existence and significance in the world. This is not only through the thinking of humans; it is also the acting, feeling and living ways that distinguish them from others.

This philosophy argues that individuals are supposed to be free to choose the rules by which they would like to live their lives; however consequences of their choices should be fully accepted by them afterwards. One gives his own life meaning through his positive actions; by all means, life has no value unless the person himself gives it value!!

Although some might argue that Existentialism goes back to the times of Socrates –‘one should know thy self’ - , the Existentialistic ideas mainly started becoming famous at a time of great despair and depression, which followed the Great Depression and World War II. Societies were so fed up and unhappy...

... middle of paper ... thinking about this world’s meaning and his implication in it. Existentialism can’t be referred to as a ‘school’, because the philosophers of these times were similar in some views; however those beliefs differentiated and developed themselves throughout the course of the 20th century. Being such a challenging matter and philosophy it drew a lot of today’s thinking teen’s attention. Even those who are not specifically engaged in history, media and people you get in contact with would keep encouraging you to “find a real meaning to your life”. Even though many might not know anything about the actual thought of ‘Existentialism’ itself, it became so popular and common that it’s now an imperative on all of us. It’s a great way of confronting each other, and challenging our ways of thinking just to make an attempt of understanding one’s self and the world around us.

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