The Philosophy Of Education Is An Important Pedestal For A Preparing Teacher

The Philosophy Of Education Is An Important Pedestal For A Preparing Teacher

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The philosophy of education is an important pedestal for a preparing teacher to stand upon. "Philosophical Documents in Education rests on a very basic assumption that students of education, and potential and practicing educational professionals, can learn something of significance in terms of both theory and practice from reading, thinking about, and discussing the great philosophic tradition in education" (p. 1). Starting with the Greek Triumvirate, where philosophical education was birthed we gain the building blocks of education and processes of thought from Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Socrates ' fallible human was a negative approach, which we learned from and now practice a more positive teaching method. Plato 's idealism leads us to Aristotle 's realism where the scientific method was birthed and remains a key teaching device to this day.
The invasion of religion in the thought process changed the philosophy of education dramatically. "As Christianity grew in popularity, many people questioned the relevancy of inquiry, assuming that Jesus Christ was the answer to all philosophical questions" (p. 7). Despite Augustine 's Christian philosophy he is compared to John Dewey in that, "their aversion to thinking of the teacher as the transmitter of all that is true and just" (p. 8). Which is a fantastic sentiment regarding a powerful inclination that God was the answer to all questions.
Greek and Roman thought re-emerged again in philosophical thinking, because the birthplace of thought is a powerful one. "Thomas Aquinas - embraced Aristotelian thought and used it to buttress faith in Christianity" (p. 8). Perhaps we cannot entirely remove the oil from the water, so to speak, but merely dress our salads with it....

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...literally, becomes the Shakespearean notion of 'eat, drink and be merry. ' Incorporating social interaction within the settings of life courses is a key concept that Dewey has managed to gift the philosophy of education. A gift that is not regarded as highly as it should be. Dewey 's focus is on relationship of school to social institutions. He notes that an individual 's social standing can limit a person 's experiences, and the question of social class falls into this standing. Bringing in the psychological side of an individual and paring it with the social side completes Dewey 's whole person, the person we are to educate and understand and incorporate into our democracy. "-the psychological and social sides are organically related, and that education cannot be regarded as a compromise between the two, or a superimposition of one upon the other" (p. 104).

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