The Philosophy Of Education : Educating Children Essay

The Philosophy Of Education : Educating Children Essay

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Philosophy of Education
Educating children profoundly affects their lives and influences decisions made further on during the child’s life. Education provides a foundation for people in which that will prove to be of better interest later on in life. In order to get the proper education, students rely on teachers to give them the best they can offer during school. It is a teacher’s job to make sure the student receives the attention they deserve throughout the school year. All kids deserve a chance to excel and heighten their intelligence. Students spend most of their time in school during the year. In America, school is nine months a year and about 8 hours a day. Teachers are considered to be a big part of a child’s life considering that they spend most of their time with them. The role of a teacher isn’t just to teach the students about a certain subject but to rather broaden their minds and guide them through the difficulties of life to the best of their ability. Educating a student goes both ways; the student has to allow the teacher to teach and the teacher has to be willing to learn as they go along as well.
When a student fails, it is not only the teachers fault but the students for not putting the effort needed. A teacher is there to not only teach the subject but to also make sure that the student can follow along and comprehend the given problem. A student has to allow the teacher to guide them through the learning process as well as pick up the skills being taught to use later on in life. Patience, determination, motivation, dignity, and a no-nonsense attitude are attributes in being an excellent teacher. The role of a teacher comes in many parts such as a social worker, disciplinarian, a friend, and an educator. ...

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... ends and the work starts. I know my role as a teacher is to be there for my students in their time of need but also to give that push or hand where it is needed. In a classroom, it is not just the teacher ruling over but rather than an equal understanding of who rules over what. The students have an important role in fulfilling their education and the teacher has to give their best in their method of teaching. I will always believe in that the teachers are never done learning and the students are always teaching something new during their year. Education has many theories and philosophies drawn up and written down, but there is always a new topic to be discovered. The world changes every year and more classrooms are learning to be diverse and be respectful of the different cultures coming in. Everything has a place and in that place everything has a role to play.

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