The Philosophy Of Education And Motivational Theory Essays

The Philosophy Of Education And Motivational Theory Essays

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“Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be” (Pierce). This quote offers the very reason adults should have a desire to encourage our students and help them be successful. In high school I did not have the benefit of having parents who encouraged me or guided me to be my very best nor help direct my future. Guidance counselors were not there to advise on how to get to college, but rather to help with personal problems. Though my goal is not to teach, I want to help students learn to be successful, be their best, and gain the knowledge to prepare for their future.
Purpose of Education and Motivational Theory
Experimentalism/learner centered education, also known as progressivism is my main philosophy of education. Students need to have hands on experiences to really learn the entire aspect of a lesson. Teachers should open up experiences for a student to understand and ask questions by using hands on activities within the classroom to open the students mind and imagination. John Dewey was a philosopher who felt that the students learning must align to the student’s life and experiences (PBS).
It is important for students to understand the relation of their learning to real world experiences that will be used outside the school and home to further the students’ knowledge. For students to have the ability to gain knowledge by completing hands on activities gives the student confidence in their answers and understanding. My perspective aligns with Kim Jones writer of What is the Purpose of Education?. Kim created a list of goals for educators over the past decades which include: “to p...

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...hile the teacher can observe them at all times is important to the function of the classroom. An experimental classroom provides students the hands on activities to gain the knowledge and experience to be successful in the workforce and in society. Regardless of what type of teaching theory is used within the classroom students should understand expectations and teachers should make every effort to have a relationship with parents to help students be successful. Schools along with their staffs’ goals should be to keep students safe while helping the student reach their potential. Making steps to follow when dealing with personal, student information, protecting students from internet harm, and reviewing various detailed test results to better support students will provide a much better experience for students, as well as teachers, and will create a better school.

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