The Philosophy Of Christian Ministry Essay

The Philosophy Of Christian Ministry Essay

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Christian ministry is, in its simplest form, how we share the wonderful news of the Gospel, the hope we have in Jesus, and the life that Christ grants us through the death and resurrection of his son. While all Christian leaders need a philosophy of ministry, this philosophy can and should look different depending on their calling, station in life, and personal experiences. The Foundational Realities and Tasks that I find most important for my life may not be found important by others, merely due to the fact my calling is unique to me alone; therefore, God will use this unique calling to shape the Realities and Tasks that I put into practice and how I put them into practice. As a Missions major TESOL minor, the Foundational Realities that I feel are most important for me are the Gospel and Mission, while the Foundational Tasks that I feel are the most necessary are Give to those in Need/Work for Justice and Teach, a subset of the Great Commission command of Make Disciples. These Realities and Tasks are profoundly conjoined, especially for me, and are unable to be demonstrated to their fullest form unless they are lived out together.
As a Foundational Reality, the Gospel is the basis of what we, as Christians, believe. Mark 1:14-15 calls the Gospel “the good news of God”, while Galatians 1:6-9 proclaims that the Gospel of Christ is the only Gospel and that “a different gospel…is really no gospel at all”. When sharing the Gospel, we must establish that Jesus is the perfect and blameless son of God who “died for our sins, according to the Scriptures, … [and] was raised on the third day” (1 Corinthians 15:3-4) to forgive us and allow us to live a new life in his freedom. Without the Gospel, we have no reason at all to hold to the f...

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...rity” (1 Timothy 4:12). Through our teaching, the people to whom we are ministering to will be able to become “fully trained like his teacher [Christ]” (Luke 6:40).
The basis of Christian ministry exists around the purpose to teach those who don’t know Christ the Gospel, how to bring His justice to earth, and through that, grant those people a sense of mission or calling. Without these four Foundational Realities and Tasks, Christian ministry doesn’t fully exist. These Realities and Tasks are more intrinsically intertwined than most realize; without a complete understanding of these four, Christian ministry leaders will struggle to lead their people well. Christian ministry leaders would do well to make these four Realities/Tasks the focus of their ministry; without these being proclaimed, it would be incredibly hard to lead others to Christ as we are called to do.

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