Philosophy And The Understanding Of Philosophy Essay

Philosophy And The Understanding Of Philosophy Essay

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Philosophy and the understanding of philosophy is a global concept that has been around for centuries. Philosophy is the study of universal situations and circumstances with the possibilities of human knowledge and rules to validate the answers of true claims (Brook, 2015b, p.267). Philosophy brings forth many elements of deep expressions of our wonder, which can also validate the academic notion that philosophy can be a discipline (Younis, 2015, p. 12). This is to say it brings forth the ideas of knowledge, influences, descriptions, beliefs, values and more (Younis, 2015, p. 12).
Philosophy is a deep expression to our wonder and is an idea that is practical (Hall, 2005). Many individuals see philosophy as a pursuit to discover the meaning of existence and to understand it in a bigger picture of how the world works and the worldviews of this idea (Hall, 2005).
According to Aristotle, philosophy begin in countries like Egypt, where individuals in society had freedom to think and wonder about their life, about their world and about how thinking truly works for the first time (Brook, 2015a, p.8).
Human history and the history of being, are all subject to the expressions of philosophical wonder (Maritain, 2015b.). It is the education of the spirit and gifted with the treacherous honor of freedom (Maritain, 2015b.).
In agreement, philosophy is a deep expression of wonder, and of the search for understanding, knowledge, beauty, meaning and purpose and one is able to study the truths of humans and their lives in general (Brook, 2015b, p.267).
In accordance to the above, this paper will outline philosophy as a deep expression of our wonder with relevance to the search of understanding, knowledge, beauty, meaning and purpose.


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..., gives the notion of philosophical wonder (Brook, 2015a, p.8). This wonder happens when we have the freedom to acknowledge and to think about the world we live in, possibly for the very first time (Brook, 2015a, p.8).
Therefore, it may be possible that are moral beliefs entitle ethical knowledge, however, there is always a purpose in doing so (Hall, 2005).

Philosophy is a deep expression of our wonder, and does have many degrees and elements that allow us to search for certain things. Ideals such as influences, explanations, beliefs, values, and truths are all discovered in the philosophical search and wonder of belongings. It is the pursuit of meaning, and how the world works. Therefore, undeniably philosophy is a profound manifestation of our wonder, and of the search of many philosophical wonders, such as understanding, knowledge, beauty, meaning and purpose.

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