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Philosophy and the Arts Final
Philosophers from every period of time and from all around the world use their genius in order to solve philosophical problems dealing with many different fields of study. As they discover reasoning for the things that surround us, they publish their findings into literature in order to share their wealth of knowledge with others. Among the multitude of philosophers that have graced us with their superior knowledge, Immanuel Kant and Friedrich Nietzsche, who are both German philosophers, stand out. Although Kant's beliefs occurred during the 1700's while Nietzsche's ideas came around over one hundred years later, they are found to have very similar characteristics in the way they view the world. There are many similarities and differences found between the experience of the sublime according to Kant in The Critique of Judgment - The Analytic of the Sublime to Nietzsche’s account of the Dionysian dimension of art in The Birth of Tragedy.
Immanuel Kant wrote many major works of literature that have influenced other great philosophers of our time. One of those includes The Critique of Judgment - The Analytic of the Sublime where Kant goes into detail of what exactly sublime means, how we encounter it, and when we are experiencing it. In order to back up his point and make it easier to understand, he provides examples that make it clear. Kant presents the imagery of either a very large building or a storm and relates them to being sublime because their masses are so large that it overwhelms our senses and makes it difficult for our mind to comprehend its quantity. With this overload of emotions, the sublime brings the opposing feelings of fear and pleasure. Fear is brought on because of the anxiety ...

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...n music. Reason is the drive behind the sublime and emotions play a major role in Dionysian. There is judgment behind encountering the sublime which brings on more serious emotions rather than being carefree and withholding judgment. The drive behind reaching the sublime is understanding the impossible while the desire of ecstasy is the motive behind Dionysian.
Kant and Nietzsche were some of the greatest philosophers that ever lived and their writings that expressed their theories will forever be taught and questioned. They both gave reasoning behind the things that surround us that one would need to be receptive to these transcendental ideas in order to fully understand what is trying to be explained in Kant and Nietzsche's writings. The philosophers both write about things that are comparable even though their ideas are original and discuss different theories.

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