The Philosophical Tenets Of Naturalistic Inquiry Essay

The Philosophical Tenets Of Naturalistic Inquiry Essay

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Qualitative description is a research approach that is based on the philosophical tenets of naturalistic inquiry. Researchers employing qualitative description can apply various data collection as well as data analysis strategies. It is not necessary that the researcher is directly involved in the phenomenological reduction and phenomenological reflection of the lifeworld. Rather, the reflexivity and transparency of the presuppositions that an individual may be having would be addressed if others review the data to make sure that the findings made are valid and credible. Grounded theory is a systematic research method with which the researcher aims to generate a theory that would account for a pattern of action or behavior that is relevant but problematic to the parties involved. It consists of processes that define a research area, which entail developing a research question seeking to understand a particular phenomenon of interest. The research question would naturally lead to an inductive mode of inquiry that later turns deductive progressively as the research process progresses. In the case of this study, the data for the study will be collected from documents and websites of the relevant agencies. The main purpose of the grounded theory is to discover a theory within a system such as a school or organization even though that theory is likely to transcend a given time, setting and place to expand into a more abstract system of interrelated concepts. In extension, grounded theory involves an action platform through which interventions are designed and implemented to come up with solutions for complex, multilevel organization and social challenges. Grounded theory will permit the researcher to discover emerging dimensions of phe...

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...ation, 2012). In this case, the focus would be on assessing the manner the teacher is involved in collaborative problem-solving and decision-making with colleagues and other professionals to attain student success. This will extend to evaluating the extent that the teacher initiates collaboration with colleagues to facilitate opportunities that promote student learning. Collaborations should not be restricted to schools and there is a need to consider the productivity of the relationship that the teacher establishes with parents or guardians and the cooperative partnerships sought to enhance student learning and well-being. Furthermore, as conflicts are likely to arise in interacting with students, it would be of interest for teacher evaluation to establish the manner conflict resolution skills are employed to improve the effectiveness of teamwork and collaboration.

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