The Philosophical Positions Of The United States Essay

The Philosophical Positions Of The United States Essay

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There are three philosophical positions that Hume discusses that allow us to explore and create a solution in whether or not we actually have free will. The first position is libertarianism and it is the assertion that human beings have free will. We can wonder if we have the ability to choose between given options; libertarians would say yes. If we have the choice of four different things in front of us, it’s purely up to our will. For instance, students can say that they have an unlimited number of choices because they are potentially able to pay for their education. They have access to education that allow them to enter the pathway of university, and it’s really up to them on whether or not they go to university. Whereas other philosophical arguments would suggest that not everyone actually has that choice, that some of the external factors influence whether or not they are going to do what they want to do. Libertarians would say that at each given moment we make a conscious choice about what we will or will not do.
In contrast, hard determinism says that because human beings are a part of nature and everything in nature is according to fixed laws or are determined, we are not free. A factor in our choices are our experiences. This relies on the fact that this factor influences which way we go, and affect what we choose and don’t choose in the future. This can go way back to when we were born; all the experiences we have from birth aren’t necessarily our choices either. We’re determined by our environment. Going back to the example about students, there’s a certain environment that allows them to make choices about their future. Thus, because of the environment they’ve been brought up in, in to some extent, their pathways are ...

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...s that they are already reconciled and peacefully coexist in our lives. We do what we do because of motives that we endorse. Simultaneously, we do what we do because we will to do it.
I certainly have the free will to agree on Hume’s philosophical views on compatibilism, and I am for it. My perceptions on the two elements are the same as Hume’s. However, my understanding of this is how God looks at the world. From God’s eye view we are perfectly determined. Suppose that God knows everybody’s motives at a moment in time. Thus God can predict everybody’s behavior resulting from those motives, and in this sense we’re perfectly determined. However from our own point of view, we’re free. We choose our own will because we will to bring those things about. So even if those behaviors are determined from God’s point of view, from our own point of view we are perfectly free.

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