The Philosophical Mind Of The World Essay

The Philosophical Mind Of The World Essay

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The average everyday person is born into the world and is raised under a set of beliefs. These beliefs are from a cultural , religious or from any other sociological standpoint. He or she is told that this is this and that you should always follow this cause of reasons. These beliefs and morals were already given to us from the get go and as a whole we just go with the flow. No one ask or wonder where these teachings come from or why they are applied in our lives. There are numerous set of morals and beliefs that come into conflict against one another.Not to many people sit back and wonder why are do we have these beliefs and also the truth behind them. This is where the philosophical mind comes into play to wonder about the truths of all the different views that has been put in front of us. ¨What is it all about?¨ is a question that is stated on page 9 which is the ultimate question that person would ask under this circumstance. While searching for the answer to that question, a plethora of questions will come into play. These questions will deal with the branches of philosophy such as metaphysics, epistemology,ethics,logic aesthetics and political philosophy. One will apply the beliefs that were brought upon them or use their own set of beliefs to apply them to these questions to find their own philosophy (meaning) of life. My current philosophy of life is to be truthful and treat others the way that I would want to be treated let alone live and gain more knowledge about my life.

My current philosophy connects to almost all the branches that are of philosophy itself. Philosophy centers around morals,self,knowledge,understanding and the social values that we have. As far as metaphysics reality and self comes into question. Do ...

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...ities if we are so independent. The nature of beauty is the reflection of one 's reality in a sense. It is what they find appealing even though most others might have a different viewpoint on it. We all have different ways of expressing our art. Most artist are open minded to other 's work or new ideas that they come across. They work around no boundaries, and this is a good sense of philosophy that is being taken place.

My current philosophy is to learn and to do good amongst others. Now i 'm still young and have a whole lot to experience so it might change over time. With all the collection of morals and beliefs that i came across, I strongly believe that this is the right path until further notice. The good thing is that 's what philosophy is all about, which is learning to better yourself as whole. To create your own beliefs and to live the life that you desire.

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