The Philosophical Journey : An Interactive Approach

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A person’s actions are right, if their motives behind their actions toward a certain situation have a good intention and they performed appropriate response to certain their situations that life has given to them. For example, a person’s intentions are their motives behind their actions, where as an appropriate action is any response towards any situation which is proper to perform in certain situations that require people to help other people rather than themselves as society deems fit. The following situations are from page 412 of The Philosophical Journey: An interactive approach show about some ethical dilemmas, and the appropriate actions and intentions to figure them out which solution can make an action either right or wrong. In the scenario with Danielle lies to her friend, Tasha about how her story that she had wrote by saying that it was excellent while really it was bad and that Tasha should just turn her paper in to her teacher without correcting or proof reading it. Even though, Danielle’s intentions for lying to Tasha was because Danielle was afraid of criticizing Tasha...

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