Philippines and the Spanish Colonization Essay examples

Philippines and the Spanish Colonization Essay examples

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Section A: Plan of Investigation
The main focus of this study is going to be the process colonization of the Philippines and how the Spanish colonized the Philippines, primarily focusing in the customs and cultures. The pre-colonized and post-colonized Philippines will be discussed and compared with one another to determine the degree of change that occurred with the Filipino culture. The analysis of the information will explain how events that followed colonization erased aspects of the Filipino culture.
Much of the information provided will be mainly a collection of scholarly books that describe the Filipino colonization in a contemporary view, such as Dolan and Francia. The only known recorded history of the Philippines is the Laguna Copper Plate Inscription, but even this is outdated as the estimated date for its inscription is during the 900s (Morrow). This presents issues for modern day contemporaries such as Dolan and Francia as the information provided is biased. Statistics of modern day Philippines will be used to show the impact of the Spanish in modern times.

Section B: Summary of Investigation
Up until the mid 1500s, the islands of the Philippines maintained autonomy. Before the conquering of the Philippines by the Spanish, the Philippines had its own form of rule. During the pre-colonial Philippines, barangays were located throughout the country (Rodell 17). These were essentially small groupings of settlements all throughout the Philippines. Each barangay was headed by a leader referred to as a datu. The barangays often remained constrained to itself, although they made allies with other barangays and this decision was often based off of the relations of the parents of the previous barangay leaders (Rodell 28). Thi...

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