Philippine Martial Arts For This Second Paper And Why The Training Methods Differ From Most Traditional Arts

Philippine Martial Arts For This Second Paper And Why The Training Methods Differ From Most Traditional Arts

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I decided to discuss Filipino martial arts for this second paper and why the training methods differ from most traditional arts. In this paper I will be discussing the differences and the effect it has on the practitioners physically. In addition, I will also explain why this was brought about and why these methods are so different compared to other martial arts. Multiple styles will be discussed and how they compare and differentiate from one another. General information about what Filipino martial arts are will also be provided throughout the paper.
According to (Guy Chase, 2016) Filipino martial arts are described as old or current fighting methods that are used by the practitioner to defend or attack. Like most martial arts the central idea around this art is survival and being able to defend yourself when the time comes. Most Filipino martial arts are focused around blades and were inherited from ancient times. Not all Filipino arts are focused on blades though, for example Mano Mano, Dumog, and Sikaran are all arts that practice hand to hand combat rather than using blades. Most of the Filipino arts that practice blade combat have techniques that can also be used in hand to hand. Basically the arts focus on blades, but are not totally dependent on them. The practitioner of these arts will still be able to defend themselves well even without a blade.
One aspect that truly separates Filipino martial arts training methodology from most other arts is its lethal intent. According to (Terry, Cox, 2016), it most certainly contains some of the most deadly martial arts in the world. Most arts are focused on putting an attack down quickly and efficiently, but most don’t truly plan to kill the attacker. Throughout most of these b...

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...y beneficial to someone who had lost their weapon and need to find something to defend themselves with. A main practice of the art is to take anything that can be picked up with your hand and either craft a weapon, or use it as a tool for extra force when striking.
In conclusion, I believe there are two main factors that separate Filipino Martial art training from other arts. One is teaching the practitioner how to craft weapons out of simple items, and the other having the pure intent of killing your foe. There are of course some martial arts that practice the intent of killing, but not as many so this separates Filipino martial arts from most. Also, Yaw-Yin is a heavily physically demanding art like most of the hand to hand arts that originated from the Philippines. Filipino martial arts are the king of bladed weapons and can still beneficial in the modern world.

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