The Philippine Archipelago And The Philippines Essay

The Philippine Archipelago And The Philippines Essay

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The Philippines, an island country in the Pacific, is a warm tropical paradise to many. The Philippine archipelago consists of 7,107 islands; located in many of the Southeast Asia’s bodies of water: the South China Sea, Philippine Sea, Sulu Sea, Celebes Sea, and Luzon Straight. The Filipino country is a topical marine with monsoons from the north east from November through April and from the southwest from May to October. It is mainly a mountainous country with narrow to extensive coasts. Although there is a natural beauty to this country, it also subject to a few hazards. Being a mountainous country, it is home to volcanic activity. There are 37 volcanoes located throughout the country with 18 being active. The island country is also subject to tsunamis, cyclonic storms, landslides, and earthquakes. Although the country is subject to these dangers, it does however, offer a variety of things to do. The Philippines is a country rich in history, tradition, and culture. In this paper, I will explain a few key things that someone should know about the country before visiting.
Before talking about how the Filipino country is what it is today, we must know where it came from. Many thought that the earliest inhabitants settled the country about 40,000 years ago. The early inhabitants were ancestors of the people known and Negritos or Aeta. With time came advancements with the culture. An estimated 2300 years ago, the Malayan people arrived to the country and brought with them many new techniques to improve life. There were also the Muslim traders who had come from Kalimantan in the tenth century. In the year 1521, a small fleet of Spaniards arrived off the coast of the Mactan Island. The Captain of the fleet was Fernao de Mage...

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...visit. The most known are the procession of the Black Nazarene, the Ati-Atihan, the Sinulog, the Flores de Mayo and the Santa Cruzan. Along with these festivals are the many tourist attractions in the country. With over 7,000 islands, the possibilities are endless. The people are friendly and colorful. However, with the good also comes the bad. The main issue would be the gangs of Abu Sayyaf in the southern region. A big part of the money that tourist brings in will go to the businesses. Tourism also brings more opportunities for employment.
The Philippines, from when it started to the present day, offers anyone great opportunities to visit. Rich in tradition, culture, history, and many more, the Philippines would leave endless amount of knowledge for someone to learn. With a basic understanding of what the country has to offer, this country will never get old.

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