Philadelphia and the Maldives: Saving the World One Mural at a Time Essay

Philadelphia and the Maldives: Saving the World One Mural at a Time Essay

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Although Philadelphia and the Maldives are 9,500 miles away and have completely different ecosystems, the problems they deal with are quite similar. The Maldives and Philadelphia both experienced acts of restorative justice, but in completely different ways. The introduction of democracy through the new president Mohamed Nasheed gave this small country a voice that could be heard and change the world. The Philadelphia Mural Arts program gives ex-criminals a voice and a chance to express themselves artistically. The environment and surrounding ecosystem creates and makes the people that live there who they are.
The Island President tells the story of the difficulties the new president Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives had to endure. His biggest concern was his country’s survival and to stop global warming. Unless the bigger countries of the world take action, the Maldives will disappear like a modern Atlantis. President Mohemed Nasheed not only had to deal with his country vanishing, he also introduced a new form of government to the Maldives. He was trying to get his small country noticed and increase the concern and awareness of global warming.
Ex-president Gayoom was a dictator that ruled for thirty years, and there was absolutely no freedom of speech. The Maldives is known for its beautiful beaches and high-class resorts, but at these same places just thirty years ago, torture has taken place. Any person that acted out to defend and fight either against the government or for environmental justice or protection was jailed or tortured. This lead to people having no say in anything, including no say in protecting the environment.
Mohamed Nasheed was working out of the country in 2004 when a tsunami destroyed much of the...

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...ry that was once forced to be quiet. Around the world in Philadelphia, a voice is given to former inmates and teens in troubled neighborhoods through art. Art education is provided and is used to turn around the neighborhoods they once committed crimes in. The environment in which a person is raised in affects who they are and become. It could be positive, negative, or you could be the change that is needed to be seen.

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