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Phenotypes and Depression Essay examples

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Is addiction genetic, psychology, environmental or all of them combined? It’s been said that children of alcoholic and/ or other substance dependency have a greater genetic risk of the inheritance of these traits, or phenotypes, not just from environmental factors. Alcohol dependency and the abuse of other substance are a common disorder/ disease that can cluster in families. These traits or phenotypes may increase the risk for depression, and antisocial personality disorder, as well. Genetic studies and analyses of these characteristic disorders could improve the likelihood of finding genes that are linked to these disorders.
Evidence has been shown that the risk for these types of dependency are closely related to the “combined effects of many genes, each exerting a specific effect on protection from and risk for the disorder as well as gene- gene and gene- environment interactions” (Buck, K. J., Crabbe, J. C., Dick, D. M, Ehlers, C. L., & Walter, N. R., 2010). One way to determine genetic linkage to alcohol and other substance dependence phenotypes in human’s genome, was the study of comparing mice chromosomes to human chromosomes that were passed the traits of alcoholic behavior with either being the alcoholic or siblings of alcoholics. With this study, they were able to collect data between the species using syntenic mapping. These analyses used in syntenic mapping were able to identify that “QTLs for alcohol consumption and acute and chronic alcohol withdrawal on distal mouse chromosome 1 are syntenic to a region on human chromosome 1q where a number of studies have identified QTLs for alcohol- related phenotypes” (Buck, K. J., Crabbe, J. C., Dick, D. M, Ehlers, C. L., & Walter, N. R., 2010). They were also able to connec...

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