Pharmacy Technicians And The Pharmacy Technician Essay

Pharmacy Technicians And The Pharmacy Technician Essay

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Pharmacy technicians hold important roles and duties in the pharmacy. They are essentially the pharmacist’s aide, but they hold many responsibilities in controlling the drugs. I interviewed a pharmacy technician, Kathy, who worked at Doctor’s Pharmacy, an independent pharmacy. Kathy was kind enough to take some time out of her day to allow me to ask her questions, mainly about her education, roles and experiences she had as a pharmacy technician.
Kathy has been a pharmacy technician for almost twenty-six years and has been certified for two years. She said that she never actually intended to be a pharmacy technician, and that she was a cashier for many years before when she was pulled into the pharmacy because she was already experienced with working with a cash register and because of a shortage of technicians. She said that she would rather work as a pharmacy technician than a cashier because she does more. Kathy said that she worked at four pharmacies, all of which were retail pharmacies, before she began working at an independent pharmacy. She said that she prefers working at an independent pharmacy because she enjoys really getting to know her customers and she does not feel quite as stressed as she did since she is not quite as busy as she was when she worked at a retail pharmacy. Kathy said that she did not need any other education, besides a high school diploma and a pharmacy technician license to work for her current employer.
When I asked her about her main roles as a pharmacy technician, she said that she fills and dispenses prescriptions, enters in customer information into the computer, counts pills, waits on customers, and cleans the pharmacy every day. She said that she also takes inventory, orders the drugs, ...

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...armacy was located next to a pediatrician’s office). The shelves also had little kits for diabetics to put their insulin and there were some dietary supplements as well.
At first, I thought this assignment was useless, and was not going to prepare me at all for the certification exam or the externship, and it was also kind of frustrating trying to find a pharmacy technician to interview. I do think that this assignment did help me become more comfortable to talking to strangers, but I did feel kind of weird asking all of these questions to her, especially in the beginning, but that may be because I am not used to interviewing people. I now feel a little less nervous about the externship because of all the labs we did in class and also because talking to another person, who was already a pharmacy technician, made me feel like I am more prepared for the externship.

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