The Pharmacy Problem Of Pharmacy Essay

The Pharmacy Problem Of Pharmacy Essay

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As a student in SDSU’s pharmacy program one of the activities required to prepare us for real world pharmacy practice would be to shadow a staff pharmacist at the Jackrabbits pharmacy on the SDSU campus. I have had previous work experience in a community pharmacy and there are some unique features which makes Jackrabbits pharmacy stick out.

Due to the Jackrabbits pharmacy small size it poses unique confidentiality issues. The whole pharmacy is about the size of a small class room which means that personal health information could be easily overheard. Depending on how many people are in the pharmacy dictates how much information is talked about to the patient. When there are multiple people in the pharmacy information is spoken less freely, while when the patient is the only person in the pharmacy information is spoken more freely. Another issue Jackrabbits pharmacy poses is with parents. Because most students are over the age of eighteen, when parents call asking about prescriptions the pharmacist must not divulge personal health information over the phone. Some of the measures taken in order to respect and maintain confidentiality in the pharmacy are similar to many community pharmacies. For example, HIPPA is followed, and all documents with health information are shredded if not needed.

Jackrabbits Pharmacy possess unique opportunities when communicating and collaborating with other healthcare professionals. Because there is a clinic in the same building communication between care providers and the pharmacist is very direct and for the most part fast. Another aspect that is unique to Jackrabbits pharmacy is the care providers in the clinic have an idea what the pharmacy has on hand for drugs. Jackrabbits pharmacy a...

... middle of paper ... and drugs to treat the results of unprotected sex. Additionally, Jackrabbits pharmacy offices family planning services. This means that they carry the One Step Plan B drug. At the moment pharmacies and pharmacists can choose not to sell these drugs based on personal ethical beliefs or religious beliefs. Due to this some pharmacies may not carry this option even in a chain store like Hy-Vee.

In conclusion, this shadowing opportunity reinforced what I had known about the community pharmacy setting, but from a different view point as a student. Through this process I have reflected upon how Jackrabbits pharmacy is unique but also similar in a community pharmacy environment. Although there are a few unique factors about this pharmacy it still operates as a pharmacy and upholds all quality and confidentiality requirements as a regular community pharmacy.

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