Essay on The PFC, Executive Function, and Dysfunction

Essay on The PFC, Executive Function, and Dysfunction

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The PFC, Executive Function, and Dysfunction
Goldberg (2009) purports, that the prefrontal cortex (PFC) interconnects with every area associated with specialized functions in the brain and is the only structure in the brain, which is so connected. He proposes that this unique anatomical presentation of the PFC provides it with the opportunity and ability to gather information stored within those associated areas and to apply appropriate responses to environmental stimulus. These processes of assimilating and applying refer to executive function (EF) and compare to the role of a conductor or CEO of a large company. When PFC malfunctions, due to the onset of brain injury, disease, or congenital defect it is unable to perform its function as the executive officer and therefore causes the condition of executive dysfunction (ED). This paper examines the important relationships between the PFC, EF, and ED their effect upon human behavior.
This dialogue will provide an appreciation of the PFC, its neural connections, and its relation to EF. Additionally, it will attempt to provide an understanding of some of the skills attributed to EF and the behaviors in which they have an effect. In addition, this submission will incorporate a conversation regarding fMRI studies, other methods of research, and some of the findings of that research. Likewise, it will discuss some disorders attributed to ED. This discussion will conclude by considering the availability of behavioral, other treatments, and supports for those with ED.
Required to begin this discussion is a general appreciation of the frontal lobes and the prefrontal cortex. As explained, by Goldberg (2009) the cerebral cortex is a layer of tissue, which covers the cerebral hemisphere. ...

... middle of paper ...

...l Control (Publication no. 10.1111/j.1467-9507.2008.00491.x). from Wiley-Blackwell:
Wong, C. L., & Mullan, B. A. (2009). Predicting breakfast consumption: An application of the theory of planned behavior and the investigation of past behavior and executive function (Publication no. 10.1348/135910708x360719). from British Psychological Society:

Wood, J. N., & Grafman, J. (2003). Human prefrontal cortex: processing and representational perspectives. from Nature Publishing Group:

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