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Pete Maravich was one of the greatest basketball players of all time. His spectacular moves and awesome footwork helped him to get better everyday. His incredible passes and being able to control the court caused his teammates to like him even more. “His playground moves, circus shots, and hotdog passes were considered outrageous during his era” (NBA Encyclopedia Playoff Edition). His love for basketball was instilled by his father Peter “Press” Maravich.
Pete was born on June 22, 1947 in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. His parents, Press and Helen Maravich were a big impact in his early life when it came to basketball. Press Maravich was the head basketball coach for Louisiana State University. Press was a former professional basketball player, and was also a naval aviator. He began showing Pete the fundamentals of the game of basketball when Pete was just seven years old. He constantly drilled and drove Pete to be better at basketball, and everything else he did throughout his childhood. This helped Pete make the game more fun and interesting as he got better. “Named everything from around the world and the space clap to the scrambled egg and the flap jack, these drills improved Pete's quickness and hand-eye coordination while strengthening his self-confidence” (Kinzie). Pete, wanting to improve his skills constantly, quickly became obsessive over being the best. Press took basketball to a whole new level. He went as far as making pete lean out the window of the car and dribble while he was driving at different speeds.
Of course, being a professional basketball player was young Pete’s dream. He did everything he could to get better, and to be like his father. When it came to his early basketball career, it didn’t really do to...

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