Pet Sematary Pays Reverence By Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein, By Stephen King

Pet Sematary Pays Reverence By Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein, By Stephen King

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Stephen King’s novel Pet Sematary pays reverence to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, encompassing and challenging elements from its characters, its plot, and the dissertations addressed in the novel. Pet Sematary is a huge interpretation of Frankenstein because how closely the characters relate, the countless similar imagery in each novel, and how each novel gives the aspect of cheating life. I plan to analyze from a comparative perspective just how much the novels parallel in storyline, characterization and intertexuality.
Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and Stephen King’s Pet Sematary firstly compare in the matter of each novels main characters. Louis Creed is a decent father and loving husband to who is wife who made selfish, stupid and rash decisions leading to destruction all around him. Victor Frankenstein is not very different from Louis creed in the matter of their actions. Victor had a lovely childhood with his mother, father and Elizabeth, which led him to getting a good education. Unfortunately because of his thirst for science and his need to prove himself he also makes rash decisions, which also lead to the destruction of his life and those around him. The largest similarities King and Shelly choose to use for each Victor and Louis, is that both of their characters seem to have a an obsession with beating death and or playing God and both characters lose their sanity in some way during all the madness. Victor’s stability begins to suffer the moment he begins making the monster. So obsessed with beating death and figuring out a way scientifically to create life, he forgets to contact his family and pretty much any other human. He’s so focused on the accomplishment of bringing his monster to life that he sacrifices his sleep, w...

... middle of paper ... life and the loss of purity. King usually likes to play with idea of normal family life with his characters and Mary Shelly has a similar feel of that idea when she describes Victor’s family. Although each story seems to take place in a different time period it is obvious that each of the families experience the same amount of trauma and loss.
Each of these novels compare greatly in the matter of how similar the characters are, but they also compare in a few scenes of each of throughout the plots. Victor Frankenstein and Louis Creed is almost a mimic of the same character. Each has motives to do the things they did and each end up reaching utter chaos and destruction because of this. King’s interpretation of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein in Pet Sematary becomes pertinent in his references to subject matter in Frankenstein, which is why the two books parallel so well.

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