The Pet Bag Travel Kit System Essay

The Pet Bag Travel Kit System Essay

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Summer is well on its way and that means a lot of folks will be heading out on vacation. Some people kennel their pets when they travel, but there is a growing trend of taking your pet with you. More and more hotels are offering accommodations for pets. And the pet supplies industry has come up with some innovative products to help you travel with your pet, even if it 's just a short trip to the doggie park. We 've all seen old Blue the basset hound traveling in the back of an open pick up truck or a canine friend hanging out of the window of a car trying to catch some of the multitude of intriguing sniffs that are whizzing by. But is it really safe? What if you have to slam on the brakes and Fido suddenly becomes airborne? Now has developed the Pet Buckle Travel Kit System. There are different sizes for different sized pets and a system for practically every situation. There are travel harnesses for inside of your car and even one that is specially designed for dogs that ride in the back of pick up trucks. They also have kennel systems to transport your pet and each one of them has been crash tested. If you have a pet then you know that is essential that they get food and water while they travel. At they carry a large selection of toys, collars and leashes, Earth Animal Health Supplements, grooming aids, and even special occasion doggie clothes. (Make sure to get that pink Mother 's Day T for your pooch.) They also have some neat ways to feed your pet while traveling. No more crumpled bags of spilled dry dog food with their Travel Feedbag and they also carry a really neat collapsible food bowl. Back in 1994 Dr. Burns, a veterinarian, was frustrated by her cat that refused to drink any water ...

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...ications system that the front desk uses. It is meant for things like "It 's the guest 's birthday!" but is frequently used for "This guest is insane.Don 't give her anything extra." If a guest is polite and friendly, that reputation will circulate around the hotel - sometimes around the hotel chain! Problems are solved much quicker for Mr. Nice Guy. Case and point, our hotel sent a guest 's laundry out to be pressed and it never returned. The guest had an important meeting that evening. Since he had been so gracious to the room service attendant, the housekeepers, and the valets, word eventually spread to the front desk. I personally drove him to the mall to buy him a new suit in time for his meeting. The hotel paid for it. So if you 're a V.I.P. business traveler or a once-a-year tourist, these travel tips will help make every hotel stay the best stay possible. .

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