Pesticides : So Efficient, They Kill The Environment Too Essay

Pesticides : So Efficient, They Kill The Environment Too Essay

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Pesticides: So Efficient, They Kill the Environment Too
Pesticides may as well be classified as the single most common seasoning on our food. Most of the food we eat is marinated with over one-billion tons of pesticides annually by farmers across the world (Alavanja). Their special blend helps kill or repel insects from eating crops, which preserves a ton of crops that would have died otherwise. The benefit of savings these crops are great in number: there is more food available for everyone, farmers can sell more crops, and the surplus of food drives down prices. Pesticides are beneficial to humans, yet they come with an infamously well-known cost–human health. Pesticides are considered a toxin, and consuming toxic coated food leads to negative side-effects one might expect from poisonous chemicals. But humans aren’t the only victims of pesticide poisoning; mother nature also picks up the tab. Our environment is often ignored in conversations about pesticides, and in a cruel twist of irony, the environment is the single most affected one by pesticides. Unlike us humans, pesticides act as a plague to the environment rather than a toxin. We, as a society, have turned a blind eye to the growing array of risks set against our environment by pesticides, and we need to acknowledge that these risks are not only just as valid as the ones posed against human health, but may potentially be worse.

Fig 1. Hazmat suit equipped man sprays grapes with pesticide.
So, in what ways can pesticides possibly be worse for the environment than for human health? The cost of a human life is far greater than the cost of a small animal or a shrub, so why should we care about the environment’s health when there are more pressing issues at hand? One must...

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...g, I still believe that it is the food choice that is safer and more responsible for our planet. But I don’t think this is enough to stop the damages done by pesticides. I believe that our government should establish stricter guidelines against what pesticides are allowed in our soil. We should keep pushing until our pesticides are not only safer for us, but for other earthlings and the environments they inhabit. These are rather simple goals to set when you are not a biochemist, working tirelessly to develop an increasingly effective pesticide. Unfortunately, given the state of our dying ecosystems and unhealthy habitats, I do not believe that environmentally healthy pesticides are a suggestion at this point. The Earth demands that we be more responsible with the environment we share, and it needs to start with the one-billion tons of chemicals poured onto our Earth.

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