Essay on Pesticides: Making Them Greener For The Better

Essay on Pesticides: Making Them Greener For The Better

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Pesticides: Making Them Greener For The Better

The creek was translucent and impeccable. The sun rays, penetrating through the height of the sequoias, cut through the remaining morning fog until they reached the untroubled water. I thought this was going to be the ultimate fishing weekend, until my dad and I neared our lucky spot along the banks of the Feather River. As we settled down, we looked into the river only to find hundreds of frogs washed up to the shores by the high tide. Who had done such a barbaric act, and murdered these innocent and helpless amphibians? It turns out that farmers are the ones we should point the fingers at. Their toxic pesticides have not only extinguished the pests affecting their crops, but also killed many of nature’s slimy leapers. Pesticide use should be regulated in a more ecological way, as an effort to reduce the number of deaths of frogs, an important indicator of anthroterrestrial relations in California’s Central Valley.
Some farmers might argue that if the pesticides are adjusted to meet with the desired regulations, then the productivity levels of crops will be affected. This is because more harmful organisms can infest crops and the harvest will not prove to be as plentiful, decreasing the incoming revenue. An assessment made by numerous researchers, published in a BioScience journal 1, states “in general, each dollar invested in pesticide... returns approximately $4”. Although this might be true, farmers who are only interested in effective production should consider looking at how other agriculturists use eco-friendly pesticides to their advantage. These conservative farmers have to look out of American borders and into Canadian studies, such as the one performed by Murray Isma...

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... which these creatures will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Effects similar to these happen in humans as proved by LA Times 4: “[28% of] Central Valley women living within 500 meters... of fields sprayed with… pesticide during their first trimester of pregnancy...had autism.” Considering the numerous workers who live near these areas, over one hundred families have changed for the irresponsible acts of using malignant chemicals. Immediate action is necessary. Research companies should increase the large-scale production of “green pesticides” for the sake of the frogs. Laws also should be reinforced about the use of pesticides resulting in reducing deformities in humans and frogs, and the risks of getting a mosquito-transported disease. With this radical change to agriculture, not only frogs will be saved but planet earth will be better preserved.

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