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Community Action Plan: Preventing West Nile Virus
West Nile Virus is recognized as a public health issue in Fort Collins, Colorado. This public health issue has been established by the City of Fort Collins, a management policy and board has been appointed to oversee the success of preventing West Nile Virus in Fort Collins. The overall goal for the community action plan is to reduce the risk of the mosquito carried virus
Throughout the summer of 2003 the state of Colorado, most targeted in Northern Colorado, experienced the worst epidemic of the human mosquito disease on record in the entire western part of the United States. In Colorado it included close to 3,000 cases and 63 fatalities, these numbers account for 30% of the cases in country (2004 Annual Report City of Fort Collins Mosquito Control Program , 2004). In Fort Collins, Co there were 63 cases and 9 fatalities during this time, most residents affected lived within the large city of Fort Collins and Loveland, these cities are very similar in makeup and characteristics that led to the largest number of cases within them (Gujral, 2007). Moving into 2004 there were 271 human mosquito disease cases with 3 fatalities on record. These cases occurred throughout Colorado, with an emphasis on the western slopes. A significant amount of human mosquito cases continue to show up, West Nile Virus had become a well-known and wide spread epidemic by this time.

After these large numbers of WNV cases swept across Fort Collins, the diagnosis led to development of programs to help prevent West Nile Virus. West Nile Virus (WNV) can be a very serious disease, although most cases are mild. This disease is transmitted to humans and animals from mosquito bites. Since the 2...

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