Essay on Persuasive Writing : High School

Essay on Persuasive Writing : High School

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The essay. With the exception of a few budding writers, the majority of the high school population can be found groaning and complaining over this assignment. These students may not be aware of how beneficial an assignment such as this will be, if they decide to put the necessary effort in. Many essays written at a professional level have had a great influence on society and are still remembered. Strong writing is a skill intelligent and well rounded students possess; mastering this skill shows the ability to communicate and formulate thoughts into coherent sentences. It is important to understand that writing is valuable to every student, not just to those that aspire to be authors, and that essays are not overemphasized in high school. However, strong writing skills are not the only indicators of intelligence and therefore students should be able to succeed in school even if writing isn’t their strong suit.
Essay writing in high school is not overemphasized because it is assigned based on need and can be applicable and useful in many subjects. In the high school education system, the emphasis on essay writing is placed in the areas in which it is necessary and beneficial. For example, essay writing is critical to a high school student’s success in an english course, therefore heavy emphasis is placed in that particular area. In math however, essay writing is not emphasized at all. Not all courses require students to write essays. Students must only write essays in the classes where it can be used as an effective tool in checking for understanding. In fact, in courses outside of English, essay writing is not emphasized nearly enough. In the classes where students can greatly benefit from writing essays, none are given. While it ...

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...tudents. Essay assignments are beneficial to students in nearly all areas. Assigned on a need basis, essays enable students to think differently and enhance their learning experience whether it be in regards to The Civil Rights Movement or the process of natural selection. Additionally, teens ought to write many essays in their high school career because it is crucial to their development as an individual. Students should also not be greatly penalized if they are not the strongest writers. While the inability to write well should have a mild effect on a student’s grades, this lack of skill does not necessarily mean that a student is unintelligent or unworthy of success. Also, students must be able to produce an adequate essay to be able to graduate high school. Essay writing is a helpful and necessary tool in the advancement and development of young thriving minds.

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