Persuasive Speech On Gun Control Essays

Persuasive Speech On Gun Control Essays

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Preparing for this persuasive speech took a lot of time and concentration. I specifically struggled with picking a topic at the very beginning due to the fact that I wanted to pick a topic that I felt strongly about. I not only wanted to spread knowledge and persuade others during this speech, I wanted to educate myself as well. Gun control is a topic that has directly impacted my life and many around me although before this speech I didn’t know too much about the gun laws in North Carolina. This speech was an overall success for me however I have many things to improve on.
Speaking in front of peers is always a challenge for me but the organized preparation of this speech, eased that challenge. Gun control in North Carolina had limited statistics due to the fact that research is usually done on the U.S as a whole. I built my main points around those statistics that I could find. The sources were very current, within the last 7 years or so and many of them came from U.S departments. I came across many sources that were a good fit but they were 13 or more years old. I felt that they w...

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