Persuasive Presentation Of The Bud Light Party Essay examples

Persuasive Presentation Of The Bud Light Party Essay examples

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An effective advertisement is able to persuade its viewers by providing informative facts about a brand that help create a sense of liking, which will enhance certain attitudes and feelings about the brand from the target audience. If an advertisement is effective it will be able to persuade its target audience. The persuasive appeals used in the Bud Light Party advertisement are source likeability, humor appeal, and appeal to broad cultural values, specifically patriotism. This paper will analyze how these three persuasive appeals can make an advertisement successful by grabbing the attention of its target audience, the millennial generation, making them more likely to have purchase intentions due a connection made between the advertisement and the brand when seen in a store.

The Bud Light Party’s theme for this advertisement is an imitation presidential campaign staring Amy Shummer and Seth Rogan, two very famous comedians among the target audience, the millennial generation. The advertisement targets both American men and women in the millennial generation saying that we should all be equal and united through Bud Light beer. They are able to reach the target audience by incorporating certain terms, comedians, and jokes that the millennial generation will understand that the older generations may not.

The first persuasive appeal present in this advertisement is source likeability. Source likeability describes the degree of liking that the viewer has for a source in an advertisement. The concept of likeability may include the source being friendly, interesting, having a positive attitude, having empathy for others, etc. (Lecture 2/18). Popular celebrities work best for successful source likeability in advertising because they...

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... study. Humorous alcohol advertisements also had a higher chance of positive purchase motivation because additional information was not needed like it was for the other advertisement samples. The alcohol advertisements were simple and easy for the participants to understand, resulting in them paying more attention to the ad. The study concluded that stronger attention span from the participant resulted in a higher purchasing intention. This study helps prove the effectiveness of humor appeal in the Bud Light advertisement by showing the positive correlation between humor in alcohol advertisements and the increase in attention span of the advertisement due to humor. This study also helps Bud Light’s advertisement persuasiveness with a correlation of increase in purchasing motivation due to the target audience paying more attention to the content of the advertisement.

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