Persuasive Essay : School Shootings And The Legislative Push Of Arm Teachers

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When I was in elementary school, I never feared of having an intruder enter my school, nor did we ever prepare for a tragedy such as that. It was not until recent years that school shootings became more of a common and feared issue. As a future educator, it is a terrifying thought that my classroom could be invaded and it would be my responsibility to protect my students. Even with the number of school shootings rising every day, our government has yet to make it legal for teachers in every state and every school to carry a gun in the classroom. This essay will review and analyze the opinions of multiple scholars and their input on the issue of teachers carrying weapons in the classroom and protecting the safety of students. It will discuss the pros and cons of arming our teachers and prevention measures a school could take to help the community feel more secure with children in the classroom. Allen Rostron’s article “School Shootings and the Legislative Push to Arm Teachers” gives a great standpoint from the government and how they have thought out the process in protecting schools. It is relatively recent information, only about a year old, and has a lot of information and background to fill readers in about the problems and history of school shootings. A quote that stuck out to me in Rostron’s article was “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun” said by Executive Vice President of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre (2014, p.442). This statement rings true to many people because aiming laws to keep guns out of the hands of everyone is somewhat of a joke. An intruder would most likely second guess entering a school if there was a sign saying the teachers were armed and trained, rather than a school that re... ... middle of paper ... ...ticles would be great support in advocating for arming teachers. Rostron’s article is excellent for examples of government actions, public opinions, and how arming teachers in certain states has been successful. Two articles both have surveys taken from the public eye and from teachers first hand, which would support my view of guns in the classroom, as well as provide alternatives that could be used for argumentative purposes. Including an article with history of the second amendment gives more knowledge to the reader and a stronger support for my analysis. I firmly believe that a teacher who is trained and armed would be well prepared for an intruder and also make students and families feel more secure in a public school environment. As a future teacher, I would much rather be a hero that protects my school with my weapon than a victim of an active shooter.

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