Persuasive Essay : Playing Video Games

Persuasive Essay : Playing Video Games

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Learning to me use to mean sitting down in a desk in a classroom, listening to a lecture, taking notes,and being able to regurgitate what was needed for a test. After taking this class I have learned that learning is much more, it involves being able to decode the text into a simpler format. While being able to think critically, about what is being said in the text. While bringing that information to my test and assignments I 'm sure that I will be more successful as I continue my education to obtaining my degree. While explaining learning to someone else I would explain it as stop over thinking about what your studying, take a few moments to look over the textbook, try and make it relate to something that you enjoy. Whether that be drawing, playing video games, what ever it may be try and relate it to you.
My learning is dynamic, it fits who I 'm extremely well. I have been applying this to finding a new job, breaking down the descriptions of them and analyzing what learning patterns will be needed for the job. My learning patterns are Sequence 27 Precision 27 Technical Reasoning 14 and Confluence 20. Sequence is one of my use first patterns. Every project that I start with work or school, I 'm reading the instructions to make sure that I will have a correct assignment. Also there is structure, something I thrive on. Precision is my other use first learning pattern I do enjoy gathering as much data on a subject as I can so I have a better view and argument in case there are any questions about the topic that was given to me. However I always have problems with my time management. Something that I 'm still having issues with. Technical Reasoning is my avoid learning pattern, and for good reason. I 'm able to put a nail in w...

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...s, when I first started this class I didn 't think it was going to be learning more about myself as a learner. I was expecting to just be jumping into the classes that I had to take for my degree. I have enjoyed this class more as the weeks have gone by, it 's a great way to judge what will be expected of me from my next classes. There is nothing that I would change about the class it 's all broken down into a great format. Being able to reflect on the past five weeks during this paper have been a challenge making sure that I have gone over all the requirements, and not having a example of a paper has been the hardest part. Having my peers look at and respond to what our discussions are about has been a interesting step for me, it 's a good tool so that you can see how someone else will react to what your take on it was. All in all this has been a interesting course.

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