Persuasive Essay : Mercy Killing

Persuasive Essay : Mercy Killing

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Mercy Killing
As I have studied mercy killing through research and assignments I realized there is more to it than I thought. Mercy killing is taking someone’s life without the patient’s permission. It happens when someone feels that death is in the patient’s best interest to relieve pain or suffering. While conducting my research I found that another word for mercy killing is euthanasia, which I will be using periodically throughout my paper. I have research many views on the topic and I learned that most of them are due to personal life matters. I am going to present the pros and cons of mercy killing,
First I am going to state the pros of mercy killing and why each of them are important to people. According to everyone has the right as a human being to decide when their life should end. If patients have come to the point in life where they are feeling extreme physical pain, then mercy killing may be the best option. It would be much better than ending their lives abusing drugs or harming themselves physically to accomplish death.
In today’s society hospitals have more patients then they are able to treat and because of this people think patients with no hope of living should be put out of misery through mercy killing. This would open up rooms for patients that have curable diseases and that will be able to be productive in life.
According to “the book” patents with extreme life diminishing sicknesses bring a huge financial and emotional burden on their families. No matter how much money or therapy is put into this person it’s still not going to make them any better, only prolong their suffering. For example, when someone has suffered severe brain damage and is in a coma even if they do come out of the ...

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... extremely effected by their death. The family may be left helplessly after the death such as no income to support their children and this may lead to more crimes or drug related situations.
It is a crime to kill someone and many people go to jail for it every day. Would mercy killing not be considered killing someone? I understand people may think allowing them to die is in their best interest at the given time but they should consider that one day that patient may recover and killing him now would be considered a murder. Doctors, specialist, family members, relatives, and friends may think they know someone and believe they would be better off dying but is that really true? Human beings are unpredictable at every level and in my opinion you will never know how someone truly feels and what decisions they would make if they were able to have a say so in the matter.

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