Persuasive Essay : Literate Or Illiterate

Persuasive Essay : Literate Or Illiterate

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Literate or Illiterate

What good would an essay be if one could not read it? When I was young I remember being so excited when I learned how to read through my very first book. It was in the first grade and it was one of my first chapter books. It took a lot of work and continually reminded me that I should never give up and this helped me grow as a person and become successful in my life so far. Throughout life there many skills and lessons that most people thrive on to survive in today 's economy. Most of the lessons and skills are taught to us through the education systems that are active in America, whether they be public or private schools. Success in America happens to depend on our educational systems from which we gain important literacy skills such as reading and writing.

Education in America is extremely important for learning as a child through growing as an adult. Education is enforced from toddler stage to an adult, but through these times different items are stressed on and others are improved upon. In the beginning of education, children are taught the basic information. How to spell, write and even read. They are taught the rules of English even if some of the rules have exceptions like i before e except after c. Soon these lessons will lead them to write in complete sentences and to have full thoughts. Children are also taught to learn right from wrong in the education systems. They are taught to do their own work, don’t steal, and to not look off of others when a test arrives. Also to keep their hands to themselves and if they can’t say anything nice, don 't say anything at all. After finish elementary school, also know as primary school, these students will head into middle school. The same lessons w...

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...earch paper because this allows others to see and learn about other places from a factual sort of view. A paper like this can help a nation stay out of troubling times and to show what is the wrong choose. These papers that are written help America’s success because of the information they contain. They can tell why a nation fell or what made it rise up and succeed.

Success in America is incredibly interdependent with the Education systems and the literary systems that are found here. Throughout life these skills that are set up in school continue to be of use and aid in the success of people and their nation. Through the knowledge and skills that are given, these people have a better chance of understanding and being better ready to help with the economics of where they are living. Without these essential components America would not be as successful as it is now.

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