Persuasive Essay : Effective Newsletters

Persuasive Essay : Effective Newsletters

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Effective Newsletters
Many practices send out newsletters, which is fine. But make sure that you are sending out newsletters that contain useful information. According to research, only around a third of the people you send newsletters to are even going to open them. Even fewer than that will actually act upon anything once they are in there. To get a higher read rate, be sure to focus on sending out quality content and have a good headline that will entice them to open the email. Inside the newsletter add a button or link that makes it simple for the reader to “forward to a friend.” Just having that small prompt will help provide the tool someone needs to refer you to another person.
One thing to keep in mind when sending out newsletters is that if you are just promoting your business, you are not doing it effectively. People will come to expect that if they open your newsletter, it will merely be a pitch for your office. So if they are not in need of services at the moment, they probably won’t even click through to your newsletter. But if you provide them with quality content, more people will end up opening it, and they may even find something of value they will pass on to others. If they receive valuable information from your newsletter that helps solve a problem, your business will remain on their radar when they do need your services.
Your newsletter can be either electronic, or it can be in paper form. Whichever way you decide to go, be sure to have the suggestion on there that they pass it on to someone they know could use the information. Subtle messages like that can go a long way toward helping you to get more out of your referral tools.
Social Media
Many people who need services today begin their search online, often...

... middle of paper ...

...laints are just looking for someone in your office to listen to them. If they feel nobody is listening, then they feel slighted. If they have a complaint and someone listens and tries to help them, then they are usually okay with things. You can save the relationship that way, and you can still gain new referrals from the review.
There is always a way to address negative online reviews, so you or someone in your office should be in charge of responding. When you do that, you not only help to temper the negativity, but you are helping to control your message and image. It usually takes only seconds to respond, but it can have a big impact.
Deal with Slanderous Reviews
If you see a particular review that is slanderous in nature—and you know it is not true—try contacting the review site to let them know. Ask them to remove the slanderous information about your practice.

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