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Perspectives on Wellness Essay

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What is wellness? “Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy life. Wellness is also a process for change and growth” (Health Topic – What is wellness?). To have acceptable wellness you should have an equal amount of social, emotional/mental, and physical health. I, myself, believe that I have an okay wellness, I mean not like full wellness but just enough to pass I'll say. But how am I living in wellness?

There are different ways of living with wellness. My social health is getting better. I'm doing my best to be social with people. I occasionally like talking to people, but it's better than not talking at all. My mental/emotional health I would say is good. Consistently I have doubts about how I feel about myself. I assume everyone has those days when they don't feel acceptable, but at the end of the day you are at what you are. How am I not living well?

I have lots of problems in my life, but being well is probably one of them. My social health was bad but after meeting everyone, I actually like talking to people. As a freshman in high school you can understand the struggle to fit in, especially with the older kids. The older kids always like to put the little ones, but that's what they don't there is nothing you can do about it. I'm not saying I'm having problems with them considering those aren't the people I want to hang out with, it's just many people in the 9th grade can be so rude to each other. Everyday you notice, but mostly hear, people talking about their so called “friends”. I'm going to be honest, that is one of the reasons why I'm not friends with everyone. To me being friends with everyone, that is more people talking about you. I'm told that I'...

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.... There are people who have perfect wellness, there are those who don't. But that's what makes people different. You don't have to have the best amount of wellness to be happy with yourself. You just need a balance in your wellness. Working on a kind of health in your wellness will make you better and also feel better. It's all up to you. Sometimes things happen to you that wasn't your fault, but it is your decision on how you handle that situation. If someone wants you to smoke and you don't want to, you don't have to. Just leave or meet new people. You don't have to be there forever. It's your life to control not others. Just make the right decisions and everything will go fine. That is true wellness.

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