Perspectives on Individual Development and Change Essay

Perspectives on Individual Development and Change Essay

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The aim of this assignment is to provide a critical analysis of theory in relation to psychological and emotional impact and its application to social work. I will look at the psychological and emotional impacts in relation to discriminatory and oppressive constructions in order to develop and demonstrate my understanding of social work within a multicultural diverse society.

I have chosen internal working model and within this attachment theory as a psychological theory, widely used within social work. For the purpose of this assignment I will focus upon Bowlby as the main theorist.

‘for each person there are always two realities –external and internal. External reality is experienced in terms of the individual’s internal reality, which in turn is shaped by past experience and a continuing tendency to see the present in terms of the past.’
Casement, P. (1985)

In order to understand the internal and external world of individuals it is essential to understand the impact of attachment as this greatly influences assessment, understanding of individual experiences and circumstance from a social work perspective therefore is seen as a as a key theoretical perspective.

‘different attachment experiences generate particular internal working models..’
Howe, D. (1999)

Having adapted the theory of internal working model of social relationships from the work of philosopher Kenneth Clark, Bowlby’s attachment theory has had an influential, fundamental impact upon social work becoming a key theoretical perspective as a cornerstone to personnel development. Schofield (2000) noted the significance of the theory in informing child care decision making as it is widely used within the assessment process; therefore it is essenti...

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