Perspectives Of Cisneros From Reading And Sharing The Ideas From Others Through Reading

Perspectives Of Cisneros From Reading And Sharing The Ideas From Others Through Reading

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Perspectives of Cisneros
From reading and sharing the ideas from others through reading their works allows for the collaboration of perspectives to further the understanding for every participating party. By reading the essays by Jessie and Brooke, I was able to see the perspectives they brought to these stories and how I was able to learn more from reading their ideas than just reading the stories on my own. In my own essay, I wrote about “Eleven” and “Barbie-Q” like Jessie did, and Brooke had chosen to write about “The Alamo”. Both of them brought new ideas about these texts that I had not really thought of before. In reading the essays of my peers, I was able to learn a great deal from their perspectives on these stories.
As Jessie put in her essay, Rachel, the narrator of the story “Eleven,” describes how on certain days you feel the age that you are, and on other days, you do not feel your age at all. I have felt the same way, especially since starting college. Sometimes, I feel like an adult with a job, supporting myself financially and emotionally, whereas some days, I feel like a kid all over again. Whether it is calling my parents because I do not know how to do something or for needing help, there have been plenty of days when I do not feel twenty years old. Many people feel this way when they are trying to figure out what they are doing with their lives and what they want to do with theirs. Just as Jessie wrote in her first paragraph, we have all felt small at times when forced into altercations with someone else, especially with an authority figure. Throughout grade school, we are told that we should not talk back to teachers and what they say is right. However, like in Rachel’s case, the teacher was wrong, and the te...

... middle of paper ... this story and the consequences of those choices, our history is not forgotten and we can celebrate the lives that come before us.
After reading my peers’ papers, I was able to learn from their ideas on these papers. “Eleven” reminded us of feeling like a child, even when you are no longer a child. In “Barbie-Q,” the narrator shows us the strength of taking things as they are and fighting for what they want. “The Alamo” shows the differences that people have while adding a new take on “The Alamo” as we all remember it. Through reading these stories and the essays of Jessie and Brooke, I saw the different ways of looking at events and stories than I had before. These stories show us the different ways of life that people have to endure, and we can all learn a great deal from reading these stories themselves and also, reading the perspectives of those around us.

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