The Perspective Of Jacob Lawrence And The Authors Address Essay

The Perspective Of Jacob Lawrence And The Authors Address Essay

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Art and literature work independently of each other, however, they can be linked together to help a reader or observer understand in new ways and create new possibilities. Within this context, the perspective of Jacob Lawrence and the authors address that it takes work to build the ideal society and family. However, the authors give the stark reality of both society and family demonstrating that our reality is nothing like the ideal.
Jacob Lawrence was raised in Harlem and within his art are black families and social protest. As a result, he not only challenged the racial status quo but he also included working black females and builders being with their families (Nesbett). Within his piece The Builders, the bright colors of red, blue, yellow, and white suggest positivity with a happy family in the foreground. Within the background, there are both black and white men working both peacefully and happily together on a structure, with no man being transcendent upon the other. It is within this that the ideal society and family emerges. Lawrence stated, “I like the symbolism of the builder...I think of it as man 's aspiration, as a constructive tool—man building” (Nesbett). The name The Builders suggests work, structure, and precision. When combining the two, it is easy to see what Lawrence is suggesting.
In Edward P. Jones’s “The Girl Who Raised Pigeons” there is a sense of unity within society and family that can be easily correlated to the theme of The Builders. A perfect example of this within society is when Jones states,” he clothed her with a yellow outfit and its yellow bonnet that Wilma Ellis, the school teacher next door, had given Betsy Ann...On the sidewalk he covered her with a light green blanket the Dr. Oscar Jackson an...

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...awrence, this demonstrates that although one wishes to have a happy, complete family, the reality of it is that family is penetrated by outside forces such as drugs and death and within, it is plagued by despair and disappointment that feeds on the motivation to hold things together.
Jacob Lawrence and the authors use the different perspectives by helping the reader to see the understanding of society and family life in a new manner. Although one wishes that people would treat each other equally and love one another as people do themselves, there is still the reality that even when the work is done, there are still amounts of mistrust and disconnectedness. Furthermore, when the work is not put in, the reality of the unprecedented inequality and hate consumes everything and everyone, exposing the darkness of fictitious happiness, death, despair, and disappointment.

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