The Perspective Of Death, Interviews Essay

The Perspective Of Death, Interviews Essay

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In the effort to learn about the perspective of death, interviews were conducted with two individuals. The individuals are female and male and they are in the same age range. The first interview was conducted with Marleen and the second with Eric. Their last names are not given out. Marleen is in nursing school in Canada and Eric just graduated with bachelors in hotel management from NYU. The questions and answers are provided below.

What do you think about death?
Marleen: I’m fascinated by death.
Eric: I think it’s the final stage of life and its something everyone has to go through eventually.

Where do you think we go when we die?
Marleen: Nowhere. You 're dead. We stay under the ground where our body rots because we are meat. Our spirit/ghost in the other hand is debatable.
Eric: Well, that will depend on your spiritual belief. I believe I’ll either go to heaven or hell.

Are you afraid of dying?
Marleen: No. We are all going to die. I just hope I don’t suffer when I die.
Eric: It will depend on which life stage I’m at. For instance I wouldn’t want to die right now seeing that I’m fresh out of college and I still have so much to live for, so much to experience and so much to see. I feel like I haven’t lived enough, but if I was 80 years old and had taken care of my retirement and left something for my kids and grand kids, then I wouldn’t mind dying.

If you were told you would die later on today. How would u feel?
Marleen: I would be happy honestly.
Eric: I would feel stressed, paranoid and I would spend as much time with family and love ones.
What recommendations might you have for thi...

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...w of knowing that they will part from this world with unsatisfied desires, or someone may experience discomfort by anticipating his or her own death. The action of awaiting death is painful

In conclusion, the fear of death is irrational, since death doesn’t harm the person who dies. A more plausible interpretation of the instance where death is harmful, would be in the case of the ones you leave behind, when you die, that are directly affected by the loss. And, in that case, you remain unharmed by your own death. Finally, we should agree that death is bad, since it pains the ones we leave behind, but death in itself, isn’t painful for the one who dies. At the end of life, people are not really looking for answers to this old question of what happens after we die. Instead, they think about the life they have lived and what they have heard in the past about death.

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