Personalty Assessment : Personality Assessment Essay

Personalty Assessment : Personality Assessment Essay

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PA #3: Personality Assessment

Take the test:

1. Results. Write up your result (the letters and the full typology) and your interpretation of the meaning of your result (do not copy and paste what the assessment gives you).

- I have a Protagonist Personality (ENFJ – -A/-T)

- I love people. Since I am 81% extroverted, I gain energy from being with others and seek to make the people I love happy and one of my greatest joys is to see those I love succeed and have their dreams come true (16 Personalities, 2017). I am loyal, but I tend go somewhat overboard when trying to avoid conflict or make things work in a relationship. I can allow myself to be hurt by being transparent and then being let down by people I trust; I also have a somewhat instable self-esteem since my security comes from reaching my goals and having people believe in me as the assessment says (16 Personalities, 2017).

2. Connection to your life. Discuss THREE areas of your life where you can see the accuracy of your typology OR three areas that disconfirm these results.

- The description was so accurate! Three areas of my life where I can see the accuracy of my typology are my friendships, my weaknesses, and my strengths. As far as friendships are concerned, my typology said that I am not quick to let a strong friendship die from a lack of effort or forgetting (16 Personalities, 2017). This concept is true. Even when I begin to lose contact with some of my close friends, I always put in the effort to make sure those friends still know I care and that I still want to be close. When discussing my weaknesses, it is true that I can sometimes make too many commitments creating a situation where I cannot dedi...

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...know how they are supposed to act for the assessment would need to be decided before). I would watch from another room, and the individual I am observing would know that I am watching. After the individual I am observing has been in a room with many other people for some time, it is quite possible he will forget he is being observed and begin to act almost as naturally as he would even if I were not watching especially if the other people in the room are being natural. I believe the effects of peer pressure could quite possibly overcome the individual’s awareness of the observer.
Therefore, I believe the behavioral assessment as a form of observation may be a better alternative to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) since it allows observers to consider how individuals respond to real-life situations rather than just how they answer questions on the screen/paper.

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