Essay about Personalized Medicine, Telehealth, And Healthcare Everywhere

Essay about Personalized Medicine, Telehealth, And Healthcare Everywhere

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In the last 70 years trends in health information technology have been emerging faster than anyone could have predicted. Some of the notable trends from the 1960’s to the 2000’s include: Medicare, discrete departmental systems, reimbursement, competition and consolidation, and integrating hospitals (Grandia, 2016). In today’s society, trends are still occurring are more advanced than they have ever been before. Over the next ten years, I believe that the top three most important trends will be: personalized medicine, telehealth, and healthcare everywhere.


Personalized medicine involves understanding the genomic makeup of a person to tailor their healthcare to meet the needs of their own genetics. Personalized medicine allows doctors to understand and provide care towards disease prevention, accurate diagnoses, and more effective treatments. No one person’s care plan is exactly alike (The Jackson Laboratory, 2016). This is an emerging trend, as the further technology advances and the more we learn about human genomes, the more personalized healthcare will become. With the development of things such as, clones, artificial organs, and autologous serums – using blood plasma in a treatment, like eye drops for dry eyes, to better the effects of the treatment – personalized medicine is bound to further developed on in the next 10 years. Bettering the patients care, make treatments specific to their genetic makeup increasing the probability of the treatment working (Phelps and Phillips LLP, 2013).

The next emerging trend is Telehealth. Telehealth allows patients to connect with providers using video chat, saving both the patient and provider time and money from travelling long distances for a consultation (...

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...est with and how to cope with the unpredictability of a changing environment. All of these methods allows HA’s to monitor the emerging trends over the years and can decide with data support which would be the most viable to invest in (Borycki, 2016)


The three trends – medicine, telehealth, and healthcare everywhere – discussed in this paper are the most important trends that I see emerging in the next 10 years. Each of these trends will provide and promote patient care, creating a seamless environment where healthcare is manipulated to fit each person. HA’s will be able to monitor these emerging trends through environmental forecasting, environmentally monitoring, and competitive intelligence. This will assist them in making appropriate decisions based off of fact when it comes to decide which trends they would like to invest in to better patient care.

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