Personalized Learning : Reforming America 's Public School System Essay

Personalized Learning : Reforming America 's Public School System Essay

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Personalized Learning: Reforming America’s Public School System
Tahzeeb A. Rashid
Brookfield East High School

Author Note
Tahzeeb A. Rashid, Department of English, Brookfield East High School
Tahzeeb Rashid is now a biology major at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. This research based paper was funded and commissioned by Ms. Gommermann at Brookfield East High School.
Correspondence concerning the paper can be addressed to Tahzeeb Rashid by email at

This paper argues that personalized learning should be adopted by all public schools within the United States due to failures within the current education system. Additionally it states that personalized learning should be embraced due to to its capability to increase student engagement within the curriculum and its freedom to allow students to move at their own pace.

Personalized Learning: Reforming America’s Public School System
The National Assessment of Education Progress states that two out of every three eighth graders can’t read at a proficient level and two-thirds score below proficient in math, while roughly three- fourths cannot adequately write at a level that is expected of them (2011). These alarming statistics are directly attributable to failures within our public education system. Currently, most public educational institutions use a teaching model termed the “Legacy Practice” by the Cooperative Educational Service Agency (2014). This antiquated model largely consists of face-to-face instruction in large groups, predetermined and standardized pacing, and a traditional student-to-teacher ratio typically consisting of twenty to thirty students per teacher. Furthermore, the ever-increasing trend of American s...

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