Personality Versus Attitude Essay

Personality Versus Attitude Essay

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Many use personality and attitude as interchangeable words, when in reality they have completely different meanings. Personality is the visible aspect of one’s character as it impresses others. Attitude is manner, disposition, and feelings with regard to a person.
Personality as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary is, the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. Personalities are mostly stable. You will not be able to go around and change everyone’s personality you run into. To sum up personality into five words, I would use “we are who we are”. An example that I think goes great to clarify the difference between personality and attitude is when people mix-up Spider-Man. Spider-Man is a super hero who is destined to save the world from his evil nemeses. Peter Parker is the normal guy under the mask. He is quite different from Spider-Man. Peter Parker’s personality is to help everyone and save the world. But to his archenemies he can come off as rude as he is trying to destroy them. His attitude towards them is unfriendly.
On the other hand attitude is defined as, a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. Your attitude may range differently based on different individuals. Your attitude represents your likes or dislikes for a certain idea or a given situation. Attitude will alter with different situations and experiences. When people say they want to become better people, they are not planning to change their personality, they want to change their attitudes because their attitudes influence their behavior.
On a research between nature vs nurture’s controversy, they indicated that about ...

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...ers have suggested that there are three main components that from an attitude: emotional, cognitive, and behavioral. How you feel about the subject, your thoughts and beliefs about the subject, and how the attitude effects your behavior. Researchers have also found out that attitudes can be explicit or implicit. Explicit attitudes are the ones that are obvious and we are consciously aware of them. Implicit attitudes are unconscious, but they stillmplay a role on how our belief and attitude.
In conclusion, through many life experiences I’ve learned that there are multiple differences between personality and attitude. The main difference between personality and attitude is personality is similar to character while attitude is feeling about something. Personality is the characteristics of a human being while their attitudes are their approach to a specific idea.

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