Personality Traits And Traits That Each Individual Essay

Personality Traits And Traits That Each Individual Essay

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There are many different personality strengths and traits that each individual possesses. Some are stronger than others. There have been many different ways that psychologists today attempt to define ones personality traits to reveal an individuals strengths and to explain why individuals behave the way they do. A series of different tests have been used to identify personality traits that have difficulties making a career choice and to also reveal ideal career choices for each individual. These tests are here to help in revealing a career path but findings show that they mainly act as a tools in self-discovery and growth which lead to narrowing a career path.
The career an individual chooses can be one of the most important and life defining decisions a person can make. Thoughts of career choice begin “as early as the age of 4” (Howard & Walsh, 2011). With the development of thoughts at this age, kids are able to understand the different jobs available and being to explore and determine which job would be suitable or enjoyable for them. During childhood the choice for a future career are “based on imagination, fantasy, and heroism” (Howard & Walsh 2011). As children grow older they are able to better articulate why they want to pursue a certain career in the future and why they believe they would be a good fit for it. In adolescent ages, individuals are more likely to choose careers they would like to aspire to by choosing a profession in which they have experience in. As an individual grows from childhood into adulthood personality traits and strengths become more apparent. Identifying these strengths and traits are key to choosing a successful and fulfilling career, however some of these traits can hinder the career decision...

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...l or interpersonal in nature such as seeking career information from friends and family, networking, and applying and interviewing for jobs” (Wang 2006). Neuroticism refers to a persons likelihood of dealing with negative emotions on a more regular basis. In the sub groups of this study neuroticism did have an affect on the students of color but in the group of white students it had little to no affect. This study further proves that these personality tests are to act as a guide into further discovering individuals.
Personality tests give great insight to an individual. It reveals many different aspects and a greater understanding of ones self can be beneficial in determining a career where one can find fulfillment. These tests are not a conclusive determinant. The process of finding a career is determined by many different factors that occur throughout development.

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