Personality Traits And Characteristics Of Personality Essay

Personality Traits And Characteristics Of Personality Essay

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Personality is the intricate interaction of biology and culture, and humanity would be bizarre and immensely devalued without an assortment of them. Some aspects of personality change from childhood through adolescence, but very little over time. Adult personality traits are more consistent than childhood character traits. Researchers have identified five robust dimensions or traits, which show significant stability over time. These five traits include openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. It is considered that neuroticism, extroversion, and openness to experience are further influenced by heredity than environment. Whereas conscientiousness and agreeableness are believed to be molded more by the environment, they similarly have a genetic component.
Personality traits are the cause of key strengths. High openness to experience is the foundation of creativity, and high conscientiousness underlies deliberation. I have equally high scores in both of these traits. People with high scores in openness to experience are described as adventurous, daring, imaginative, and variety loving. An imaginative individual can improve productivity through unique and innovative methods. People with high scores in conscientiousness are described as well organized, scrupulous, responsible, and reliable. Conscientiousness has been shown to predict esteemed office behaviors, such as organizational citizenship and leadership.
Allegedly, I am somewhat agreeable, as this is what the personality test has concluded. People with high scores are described as good-natured, considerate, cooperative, and kind, which is nice. However, agreeableness is only weakly associated with leadership effectiveness, which doe...

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...It is a significant contributing factor of the quality of a person’s life. Research shows that high conscientiousness, high agreeableness, and low neuroticism represent a common hidden yet significant characteristic described as “getting along”, and people who have high extroversion and high openness to experience similarly share a dynamic called “getting ahead” (Manning, 01/2014, p. 385). People high in openness and conscientiousness and low in neuroticism are more likely to become leaders than their colleagues are. Power over others is a foreseeable aspect of leadership; however, it carries with it the risk integrated with the abuse of power. All I have to do is continue to figure out what I am meant to contribute to the world, do so by capitalizing on my natural personality strengths and doing my best on any given day, and being okay if my best is not that great.

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