Essay on The Personality Theory Have Four Preferences

Essay on The Personality Theory Have Four Preferences

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1. (a) Personality refers to the distinctive character and property among people. (b) MBTI personality theory have four preferences that help to improve our personality in human relationship and develop leadership skill and choose the right career. Extroversion is generally expressed as the “social”, the energy toward to outside and very sensitive to others and is an impulsive personality character. Introversion is introspective nature, the energy toward to inside and tend to concern the various considerations and too visionary, carefully consider before which one to decide. Sensing is feeling of the stimulation of awareness through the organ from in and out. Intuition is when you encounter an object or situation, can feel and knowing instantly on the spot for that substance or truth. Thinking is mentation of something to judge and recognize and consider. Feeling is one 's heart and mood of some things or phenomena feel about things. Judging is a human reason for acting to conclude what 's going on with respect to any subject or verbal expression. Perception is an acts of life, including humans, and find out the things that change the environment through sensory receptors, such as visual, auditory, tactile. (c) My MBTI personality preference is EDFJ personality. ESFJ personality tends to have warmhearted, compassion, and pay attention to help people 's needs and they want to keep harmony, work hard to task with accurate way. ESFJ is in the best in organizing people to get a job done. (d) There are so many different type of person in this world. Sometime it is very difficult to figure out each person 's personality. In my situation, when I encounter with new people, I can figure out what type of personality they might have is...

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...tyle makes decision by alone and focus on more team and open to the people 's feeling. Participative communication style is when things decision working with the team and make decisions. Laissez-faire community style is rely on their employee and trusts them to perform the job and concentrates on the rational aspect of the work and does not focus on the management aspect of work. The employees are sharing their suggestions which are best for organizational interests. (c) When Ineed to communicate with people, I will pay more attention to what they are concerned about and make sure to understand very clearly, especially in the conversation with people, I will more focus on listening, and don 't bother anything to them, avoid any interrupting situation and treat the speaker with all my respect and show my best attitude and encourage them with nice and positive comments.

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