Essay Personality Theories Of Personality And Personality Theory

Essay Personality Theories Of Personality And Personality Theory

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Some people tend to ask themselves, “Who am I?” Many people go through obstacles of discovering themselves and feel identity-less. Of the millions of people in this world, what makes each person different? One’s personality and traits are of many aspects that differentiate one from another; there are some who share the same personality and traits. Personality is a person’s unique behavioral and cognitive patterns that are composed of different traits. Traits are defined as specific characteristics of a person that we use to best describe a person.
Trait theories of personality try to discover exactly how many traits exist in a person. One personality theory is the Big Five Theory, which describes different traits such as extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness. Several psychologists such as McCrae & Costa, Cattel, and Lewis Goldberg, have worked on expanding this theory. The two traits of the Big Five that describes myself are extraversion and openness. Extraversion is a trait of person that is sociable with specific descriptions such as outspoken, energetic, bold, happy, etc. Openness is one that is open learn or try new things. Additionally, openness is a person willing to learn new things to obtain further knowledge.(cite)
A psychologist, Henry Murray, claimed that psychogenic needs play a major role into our personality. Murray identified needs into two categories, primary and secondary needs. Primary needs are basic needs upon a biological aspect; for example need for food, oxygen, or water. Secondary needs are upon a psychological aspect; for example, a need for achievement, affiliation, power, independence, or exhibition. Of Murray’s theory, a need for achievement best describes my perso...

... middle of paper ... two exams for me to achieve a B in the class. I used my struggles as motivation to score better. I studied twice as hard and prepared myself by applying different methods I did not use before. I was able to achieve a B and used the accomplishment as motivation for future classes. A high need of achievement could lead to frustration if there is a low control and likelihood of success of the situation (cite). I have experienced frustration by studying for an exam and not scoring a good grade. Frustration is discouraging, but I still have a high need of achievement to score a good grade. All students have a high need of achievement to meet a certain goal to obtain a profession.

Barrick and Mount (1991)
found that extroversion predicted training success, and
Barrick and Mount (1991) and Salgado (1997) found that
openness to experience predicted training success.

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